This was a redesign made in 2015 for the fitness application Jefit while in graduate school at University of Washington. The final designs were provided to Jefit and some parts ended up being used for the next iteration of their application.

Jefit is a mobile fitness application that enables users to track their progress, find and build custom routines, and connect with the fitness community to stay motivated towards a healthy lifestyle. My team and I set out to improve the design of the IOS application in order to create a better fitness experience. We utilized market research and a…

A BOOMING Industry; Startups Are Born

Nearing the end of 2019, esports (professional gaming) has grow to be a billion dollar industry and is one of the fastest growing audiences globally.

Credit: Newzoo

An investor with an opportunity to get a potential slice of this growth has an attractive option. Hence we see the explosive growth of esports startups all around the world; one of them being

I worked for VPEsports from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2019. During this time I was a UX Lead on a team to launch, an esports news website. After launching the site, I designed analytics web…

Post to all your social media accounts at once!

Market Efficiently, Consistently

As you expand your brand marketing to a wider audience, you will inevitably generate hundreds of social media posts, many of them conveying the same content, but across different mediums.

Social Report is designed to help you to generate content and post to all your social media accounts at the same time. Over the past several years it has risen to be one of the top social media management (SMM) tools through addressing the needs of digital marketing agencies and small businesses.

I worked for Social Report as the sole Product Designer for 4–5 months in the beginning of 2019…

Joe DeMaria

Product Designer — ⛵ —Learn more about me at

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