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A BOOMING Industry; Startups Are Born

Nearing the end of 2019, esports (professional gaming) has grow to be a billion dollar industry and is one of the fastest growing audiences globally.

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Take a step, even if you aren’t sure it’s the right one

Sessions growth for
  • Experiment with solutions to improve your metrics. One of the solutions we devised to improve our ‘time on site’ metric, was introducing an esports scoreboard ticker which can reveal the outcomes of completed games and show when future games will happen.
  • Narrow your organization’s expertise, audience, and marketing. Esports reaches to a global audience, and at first, we fell into the trap of targeting fans across all esports. We soon refined our strategy and focused on growing Dota 2 within South East Asia, marketing primarily on Facebook. Here we could target a passionate esports audience with content that converted to Facebook likes and comments. Our facebook grew to nearly 100,000 followers, primarily South East Asians, within the course of a year.
  • Interact with your audience. Respond to comments, create calls to action on controversial articles, create opportunities for fans to shine in the spotlight. These were essential into growing a passionate following.

Building an Analytics Tool

Design process overview

Requirements Gathering

We began our project by doing stakeholder interviews to get a complete sense of our stakeholders metric expectations. This set a precedent where the people invested in the product know what to expect so there are no surprises when we deliver milestones. We also made an effort to reach out to the outsourced development team to start building chemistry and understanding how they expect to receive designs. Understanding both the business and engineering constraints and getting everyone on the same page is essential to starting a successful project.

Personas and Competitive Analysis

An initial persona
Competitive analysis being created


Early analytics dashboard sketches


Initial digital wireframes.


At this point in the process we had roughly 10 days left before a deliverable. We decided that some usability testing was better than nothing. We brought in a convenience sample of 3 Dota players to go through a usability test of our digital prototype. Most of our users were able to complete each task, but a few tasks in particular challenged our participants. Critical pain points led to a new design solution. Our largest finding came forth when debriefing with participants. What we found was more of a foundational revelation in the data we were showing. Our users wanted to see their lifetime stats for their entire Dota 2 career and we co-designed a few ways to show this information.


Rough initial experimentation of UI
Final design in use


Ultimately the Chinese team is using this tool to evaluate up and coming Dota 2 players. The team is looking to test and improve the tool as Dota 2 grows and changes.

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