Letter to Future Hybird English 214 Student

Hello new student of English 214,

Congratulations in being part of this English 214 class. To be honest you guys made a good choice in choosing Professor Shannon and this hybrid class. If you wanted a new challenge, this is it for you. This class was a whole new experience for me. Before this class I’ve been used to the normal routine of reading something and then later writing an essay about it for a regular English class. You are not getting that with this class. Instead of essays, this class focuses on creating blog posts. A recap of this class would be you choose a topic which you are interested in and pretty much write about it for the whole semester on this platform Medium. I’m going to give you some advice so that you can enjoy your time in this class.

Advice #1: I’m pretty sure everyone will mention this but choose a topic which you will not get bored with. You will have to write about this topic throughout the semester and later will not have a chance to change your topic. I suggest a topic which you have an interest in but don’t know much about or don’t have a clear opinion about. If you choose something which you know a lot about you may not find any new information which you will be able to write in later blog posts. My final topic was on cosmetic surgery. I went through some struggles on finding a topic. I chose cosmetic surgery because it was something I knew about but had no strong opinion about it. Through this class I was able to find what that is. As the blog post prompts pretty much had me come to a sort of opinionated conclusion in the end.

Advice #2: Show up to class. The class usually always have an activity which will help with creating the blog posts. For example just doing brainstorm in class helped me in writing blog posts thereafter. So just go to class. Trust me it helps.

Advice #3: Do all of your work in a timely manner. Whenever a blog post is due, do not do it last minute. I liked to work on the blog posts throughout the week which it was due. I had more time to elaborate on the idea I wanted to get across. I also had time to change the post if I suddenly wanted to do the post on something else. As long as you do all the work, you should be fine.

Best of luck,


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