VidCon Debrief

I know very little about the whole feud behind this mess, but I do believe that Hank is really trying his best to do the right thing here. I think that Anita was put in a difficult position and honestly if anyone really imagines themselves in her place, I’m sure it’s easy to understand how things can be said quickly without a lot of careful consideration. Now, I don’t necessarily think that VidCon’s current position is a great one, but I think blaming this all on Hank is unfair. Although perhaps Anita does deserve some kind of punishment, if you think honestly about it, the people who came and sat in the first three rows aren’t fully innocent and pure either. Now, I’m saying this from someone who wasn’t aware of any of these creators (other than Hank himself) before I heard about the controversy. But the point is, I think that everyone can agree that no one is blameless and perhaps the best thing to do is exactly what VidCon is currently doing: saying that everyone makes mistakes and hoping to learn from this in the future.

The point is, I don’t think that any of the people who sat in the first three rows (who presumably planned that action ahead of time) truly thought that they were not engaging in some form of intimidation. And I think Anita was irrational and disrespectful in her actions. But come on guys, give Hank a break. He’s in a difficult position here. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to settle this.

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