American City Shame: Rats, Cockroaches, Crime & Democrats


Despite the media’s laughable and psychotic persistence to create another racial hate crime by the evil orange man — President Trump is turning ‘Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore” into a national referendum… highlighting the disgraceful 3rd world conditions of Democrat-run cities across this nation.

This problem is SO out of control, the fact that the entire news industry has ignored it for decades is just further confirmation that in 2019, we have no news industry.

The Baltimore Sun, of course, being a typical media appendage of the Democratic Party, immediately provided us with the predictable, yet stunningly childish response “Better to have a few rats than to be one”

What? That’s your official journalistic response? Do these numbskulls not understand we have VAST amounts of evidence? Even Bernie Sanders has compared Baltimore to a Third World country.

Seriously, Democrat voters, LOOK at the conditions Democrat politicians are willing to overlook:

Almost the entire west coast has devolved into a disease-ridden, rat-infested liberal utopia of criminals and perverts.

And sadly, these Democrat-poisoned cities are not the exception, but the rule. We have notorious crime-riddled Chicago… Communist-run New York City… Philly, KC, Dallas, Houston, Cincy, Nashville, Washington DC, Louisville, Atlanta… and on and on

And not so insignificant — all of these places have the worst schools in America with third-world literacy rates, while simultaneously and unbelievably being home to the most powerful teachers' unions in America. Disgraceful.

These Democrat-controlled cities are stains on America and an embarrassment to all decent citizens.

Godspeed, President Trump.


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Senior Fellow at the Frogleg Institute. Media-expert and taxidermist. Serious Satire only. Creator/Host Intellectual froglegs

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