Since my I posted my article on DevOps tools, which was all funny names and no real content, Gitlab has launched their #gitchallenge. This is to compare Gitlab and GitHub, so that’s what I’m going to do (and hopefully get a free t-shirt, or socks, I like socks).

I didn’t…

I’ve not long passed my “AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate” exam (that’s a mouthful), and whilst I was studying for it I noticed that, a lot of the service names are “odd”. Or acronyms. Or Greek. I’ve covered this sort of topic before, (see: here), so I thought I’d…

Look. I know what you’re thinking (well, I don’t. But bear with me OK?); “hasn’t this guy seen any of the other blogs out there? Why would I possibly read his one?”

Well…. Good point. One that I went over a few times before I wrote this if I’m honest…

Jonathan Goodall

I have 6+ years experience in software development across financial firms in London. Now writing about DevOps, with expert level sarcasm.

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