Making UX a Priority in Your Organization

Little things can cause serious problems between clients and agencies. The key to preventing that is communication.

This song is worth a listen while you read. It really sets the tone :-)

You finally call it a day and leave the office. The moment you walk in the door at home, that feeling hits you: you forgot something at work. You’re not sure what, but you’re convinced that you’ve left something unfinished, unsent, or unpaid.

15 Designers from Simple Focus Respond

The night before I bought my first app, I was having a hard time falling asleep.

Real talk about your SaaS business from a common-sense business owner who buys and operates a large portfolio of SaaS businesses

Original illustrations by Travis Knight from Simple Focus.

The Thought-leaderiest Thought Leader Article Ever Thought About By A Thought Leader: A Proposal for a New Article Format

Harvard Business School uses the Case Method to give students an opportunity to exercise their thinking brains.

What old-school brands can learn from all these newfangled digital brands (and vice versa).

“Why is that?”

  1. Old-school brands that were born before the digital explosion (like, say, Hilton Worldwide, est. 1919). Let’s call them World-first Brands.
  2. New-school brands that have been digital since day one (the likes of AirBNB, est. 2008). We’ll call these Web-first Brands.

JD Graffam

I own two agencies and six software businesses that employ about 30 people. My household goes through as many diapers each day. I’ll be me; you be you.

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