Restless the Night Before

The night before I bought my first app, I was having a hard time falling asleep.

In October of 2013, I spent six intense months worrying, running numbers, pumping myself up, and convincing myself (and my wife, Katie) that it wasn’t a horrible, terrible, profoundly stupid idea to spend our personal savings to buy a business, Pulse.

I was already a business owner, so this wasn’t exactly as risky as quitting a steady job and becoming a first-time business owner. But, there’s a big difference between running a small studio and “acquiring a company.”

I mean, I was putting everything we’d worked for years to save on the line here.

The night before I signed the contract to make the deal final, I lay in bed with Katie, unable to sleep. I was nervous, and I wouldn’t shut up.

“Is this a good idea? I’m crazy. We’d be perfectly fine if I didn’t buy Pulse. Is it worth it? It has to be. I mean, the numbers work. I know what I’m doing. Worst case, we earn our money back in…two years…tops. It has steady cashflow. Recurring revenue. It’ll be good. It’ll take stress off of making payroll. I’m gonna do this. But. Oh. What if…”

I was talking way too fast. She rolled over and put her hand on my chest to calm me.

“You need your rest,” she reassured me. “The decision is made, don’t overthink it now. It’ll be fine.”

I sat straight up, walked to the medicine cabinet in our bathroom, and popped the cap off the Benadryl.

She was right.

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