Recognizing Fascism Checklist

Characteristics of Fascism:

  • Autocratic One-Party rule
  • Militarization of civilian life
  • Advocates for the purging of “undesirable” citizens
  • Anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-democracy
  • Does not recognize class relations as a source of conflict or national interest
  • Public and private productive forces synchronized with the economic goals of the State
  • Profit only comes second to the “National Interest”
  • Rejects materialist class relations in favor of “spirit” and “will” as the guiding principle of national identity
  • Requires “traditional” gender roles for individuals in the service of the national interest
  • Social Darwinism as a guiding policy of the preservation of national identity
  • Egalitarianism perceived as the preservation of “weakness.”
  • Advocates the use of political violence and physical intimidation to achieve its goals
  • Believes the world will forever be in national and racial conflict
  • Advocates the use of eugenics to control the makeup of the population
  • Enforces racist legislation in the pursuit of maintaining a white ethno-state
An African American soldier of the 12th Armored Division stands guard over a group of Nazi prisoners captured in the surrounding German forest. April 1945
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