Blog 1 Popular Culture: Movies created from odd trends (The Lego Movie)

The Lego Movie is a fairly recent film that was created in 2014 which is directed to an audience of children but enjoyed by many. The creators of the movie followed a great formula into making it an American icon, using a classic toy and bringing it to life using unorthodox personalities. The film focuses on the life of an average Lego-man who goes on a bizarre journey accompanied by characters from other sources of popular culture in the form of Legos. While watching the film, I noticed that the story didn’t directly focus on the plot, but rather it engulfed itself in the childish personalities of the characters. The characters would use diction that would seem slightly mature through the perspective of a kid, however, I noticed that their use of language would probably be thought of as comedy gold through the eyes of a middle-school student. What is really impressive about the film is it’s variety of a voice cast. Actor Will Ferrell for example, has experience playing immature characters recognizable by many American’s. Ferrell’s character, President Business, is the main antagonist of the film and a lighthearted one at that. Oddly President Business represents the father of the main protagonist in real life which sheds light on the true purpose of the film, bringing father and son together through the creative use of Legos which in all honesty, serves as a unique way of story telling and great advertising for the Lego company. Of course Lego movies/television shows pulled in a whopping child audience and was a massive part of America’s popular culture. Even though the Lego trend may be focused on a set audience, it still remains a cultural icon for many others, having a Lego-based cartoon network series previous to the Lego movie and a Lego Batman movie created a few years after.