A List of 50 Things


4.01.2017 edits: (list at bottom)
-re-prioritize list 
-moved completed to ‘already-done’ (preserved old number in title) 
-completed: #(11, 20, 39)
-added: # 40

Update: So I already dropped the ball on doing this monthly. I haven’t checked this list since my last update. The focus is still on my photography goals. I put in place a temporary photo gallery, a brand is currently being brainstormed, new lenses & equipment purchased, and hopefully I’ll have photo editing software soon.

I’m definitely dancing again, and couldn’t be any happier about that. I always knew how much room for growth there was still be had, and taking my first dance class in the city made it clear how much effort I’m going to have to put in to get to the level I want to be at. So for now, the timeline on my dance-related projects are going to be put on pause for now so I can just focus on dancing and correctly expressing emotions and sounds through the art.

I’m almost at my first financial milestone (1k in savings), and I’ve been hitting the gym regularly, and my weight has been going up. I weighed myself around the end of February and was sitting at 145 pounds (+15 lbs since New Years). As for work, everything is going smoothly with little to no problems (only problem is all the OT, but that’s a good problem to have I guess). And that should be less of a problem after the new employee joins the Cancer Estimation Team. Regardless, I still love what I’m doing and I can see the improvement in my coding skills/practices.

For this month, the main priority will still be photography mainly and to start looking into marketing and steps I should take to get a social media following (if that’s still a goal later down the road). While I’m looking in marketing and social media, I also plan to look into web-design because I put a soft-deadline on having a website up in order to be more proactive on that goal since it requires several steps.

Looking at my to-do list, I don’t really have a checkpoint to have reached by next month. I see now that I need to break down some of the goals more and to step away from just looking at the big picture. Oh, I also did a random act of kindness and helped a blind person with their morning commute :)

This is NOT a bucket-list of things that I hope to accomplish. But this is a list of things I WILL complete. The purpose of this list is to continue giving my life some sort of direction. I recently reached a huge milestone in my life and landed my first job in my chosen career path as a data analyst after being in the educational system for 20+ gruesomely long years. Now I could always advance in my profession, but there are other aspects to life that are just as important to me, if not more. Sadly, work takes up about a third of my weekdays and there are times where I get stuck in the mundane routine of, “work, eat, sleep, repeat”. So in order to motivate myself, I created this list that reflects my current goals in life.

I got this idea from reading a story on Medium titled, “How to Invest in Yourself. The writer goes into more detail about the reasoning and purpose of investing in yourself and creating a list and I recommend anyone looking to change their life to read the story. But for me, the key takeaway from this blog was the idea that creating this list allows me to take steps today that will enable me to become a better person tomorrow.

“If I keep this up, I will have lived a life that I will be proud of. I will have lived a life with a strong, clearly defined direction.”

Over time, as I’m adjusting to adulthood, this list will become a lifestyle — I’ll routinely check my progress on this list and even insert new goals as I continue completing others. I made sure to include tasks that I could start or even complete immediately as well as tasks that need time, and further resources. Being able to cross off tasks right away makes this list less daunting and it’ll supply me with the satisfaction and energy to tackle all the others. There is nothing stopping me from achieving what I want to do except for myself, so I just need to get up and start living the life I want to be proud of.

Along with this to-do list, I also created an ‘already-done’ list. Personally, I think this list is just as important. I say this because I tend to focus on the negative aspects of life or when things look grim and I rarely take the time to look at the positive aspects and pat myself on the back for all the things I’ve already accomplished with my life. So my hope is that this ‘already-done’ list gives me a burst of motivation and helps me keep a positive mentality during dark times.

There are several things I want to accomplish and of course I’m not going to write them all. So I shortened the list down to 50 goals instead of 100 for my own sanity. I didn’t want to bombard myself with a bunch of tasks and not knowing where to even begin. The items on the list pertain to finance, hobbies, travel, relationships, education, and health in no particular order. Ultimately, I want to do as much as possible during my lifetime; so obviously this list will continue to change as I progress through life.

If you’ve read this far, then without further ado - my list of 50 things!

11.20.2016 — completed #15; previously “Read 50 novels” #18; previously “Plug out for a week”#25; previously “Be a part of a dance team” #12

Update: The goals haven’t changed for the most part, it’s just hard to figure out where to even start since there’s so much to do. Taking up photography and creating music videos of some experiences seems to be more of an immediate goal since I want some way to document/share my travel experiences. And I’m finally accustomed to the work life and should be working towards some of my dance goals finally!

edits: added priorities
12.03.16 — previously “Invest at least $1k” #5; previously “Create a mobile app” #9; previously “Audition for a dance crew/team” #11; previously “Lose my virginity” #41; previously “Travel to another country with my significant other” #42; previously “Live in NY” #31

Update: At this time, I believe I’m accustomed to the work/adult life. I finally got to travel somewhere — California. It may be a small trip, but it’s the first of many more in the imminent future. I decided to change some goals due to priorities shifting. Currently the high priority goals are: picking up photography, start hiking, taking dance classes, fitness health, and personal care. The edits I made are pretty big to me seeing as there’s a shift from focusing on relationships to personal hobbies and self-care. The mentality is that there’s a desire to simply experience what the world has to offer, which means to travel more and I want my photography skills to be decent by my next planned trip. I also want to complete some artsy dance-related projects while I hike and even travel.

2.01.17 edits: 
-completed: #(5,6, 9, 18)

Update: I’ve decided I’m going to make this a monthly update to make sure I’m a little more proactive on these. I’m still making great progress, but things could be moving a little bit faster. Photography related goals are on the works. In fact, plans are to go on a hike in two weeks or so. Work took over the month of January, but the mentality is the same and hopefully next update I’ll be dancing again and looking into parts for a pc build.


italicized - lowest priority, first to be replaced with new goals 
bold —highest priority, currently working towards

  1. Become a homeowner
  2. Pay off student loans
  3. Pay off car loan
  4. Learn a second language
  5. Help develop a video game
  6. Choreograph a non-official dance music video
  7. Create personal website
  8. Go to preventive health services
  9. Take a beginners’ level contemporary class
  10. Take a beginners’ level jazz class
  11. Teach a dance class outside of college
  12. Ride a rollercoaster with a loop alone
  13. Build a gaming pc
  14. Go to a NFL game
  15. Attend a wedding
  16. Go to a NBA game
  17. Attend a live e-sports event/tournament
  18. Go to the ‘happiest place on earth”(DisneyWorld)
  19. Live in California
  20. Travel to 1st country
  21. Travel to at least 10 countries
  22. Travel to 25% of all countries
  23. Take a photography class
  24. Visit my birth-city — Agana, Guam
  25. Visit my alma mater
  26. Go on a road trip coast-to-coast
  27. Visit all 50 US states
  28. Live in another country for at least 6 months
  29. Go to the Coachella Festival
  30. Be in a serious relationship longer than 6 months
  31. Go to my high school reunion
  32. Let someone know how much they mean to me
  33. Complete a Master’s Program
  34. Earn my first promotion
  35. Get a raise $$$$
  36. Learn how to do a backflip
  37. Weigh 160 pounds
  38. Join the 1k pound club (max_rep(bench + squat + deadlift) = 1000 pounds)
  39. Host a small house-warming party
  40. Create GitHub Repo


  1. Graduate college
    -B.S Mathematics — Carnegie Mellon University (Dec. 2015)
  2. Buy my own car 
    -Sonya the ’11 Hyundai Sonata (July 2016)
  3. Graduate high school
    -Olympic High School c/o 2011
  4. Get my drivers’ license
  5. Start my career
    -Data Analyst, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (Aug. 2016)
  6. Earn the Valedictorian award 
    -(June 2011)
  7. Public speak in front of 1000+people
    -Valedictorian speech (June 2011)
  8. Sing in front of a large crowd
    -Valedictorian speech (June 2011)
  9. Ride a roller coaster with a loop
    -Kennywood Pittsburgh, PA (Aug. 2012)
  10. Learn how to swim
    -Jumped in a lake (idk when)
  11. Learn how to dance
    -Dancer’s Symposium (Sept. 2011)
  12. Pass try-outs for a basketball team
    -Fairview Junior High (Jan. 2006)
  13. Learn how to play tennis well
    -(Summer 2009)
  14. Learn photography
    -(Spring 2010)
  15. Travel to another country
    -Philippines (Sept. 2001)
  16. Hike a trail 
    -(Summer 2012)
  17. Choreograph a set
    -Dancer’s Symposium (May 2014)
  18. Accepted in college dance team
    -Soulstylz (Sept. 2012)
  19. Go to a formal dance
    -Olympic High School prom (Summer 2012)
  20. Kiss a girl
    -(2011 I think)
  21. Gain 50 lbs (start at 90)
    -Started ~90 lbs. Freshman year
  22. First job
    -Office assistant, Carnegie Mellon University (May 2012)
  23. Go to an edm festival
    -Electric Zoo, NY, NY (Sept. 2015)
  24. Go on a road trip
    -Approx. 19 hr. drive from Pittsburgh, PA → Hilton Head, SC (Spring 2014)
  25. Program a working video game 
    -Version of ‘Brick Breaker’ (Apr. 2012)
  26. Do research at an institute/university 
    -University of Washington — Institute for Health Metrics And Evaluation (Aug. 2016)
  27. Start a blog
    -Medium (July 2015)
  28. Start a YouTube channel
    -(June 2016)
  29. Bench my weight
  30. Teach a college dance class
    -(Winter 2015)
  31. Ace a college exam
    -Concepts of Mathematics (Winter 2012)
  32. Visit the dentist in 2016 (5)
    -completed: Dec. 2016
  33. Reach 100% financially independent status (6)
    -completed: 2017
  34. Complete an eye exam (8)
    -completed: Jan. 2017
  35. Take a hip-hop dance class (11)
    completed: feb. 2017
  36. Do a random act of kindness to a stranger (20)
    completed: feb. 2017 (helped blind person with their morning commute)
  37. Live in Seattle (14)
    completed: 10.23.2016, Udistrict
  38. Read a novel (17)
    -completed: 1.19.17, ‘Epic Measures’ & ‘The Last Lecture’
  39. Go to California (24)
    completed: Thanksgiving 2016
  40. Go on a road trip (38)
    completed: Thanksgiving 2016
  41. Hike a trail in PNW (39)
    completed: Feb. 2017
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