On October 23rd I turned 25. A quarter of a century years old… man I’m young! Instead of doing the usual celebration with alcohol and friends, I decided to sit by a lake to take some pics and do some mindfulness practice and self-reflection while jotting down life lessons I learned. So lets see what a close friend — life — has taught me so far.

This is a series of “life lessons” and/or values that I live by or have recently applied to my life. There isn’t a lot of preface to add to this story, except that I want to inspire/motivate any friends or strangers that read my blogs. Also, I have a tough time verbally articulating the values that mean the most to me, and writing helps me express those values to the people that mean the most to me.

There’s a golden rule that goes something like, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” This quote goes beyond simply being kind…

By: James Harvey

It’s a viscous cycle that never ends. Everything is going well and you’re steadily getting closer to achieving your goals — you’re happy. At least that’s what you think until you fall in a mysterious pit. A pit of darkness. A pit of loneliness. A pit of depression. It’s a mental cancer that keeps digging deeper. Luckily, you escape successfully with just a minor scratch and everything is back to normal. This isn’t a “happily ever after” type of deal which I’m sure most already know by now. So the story continues, and you somehow fall into…

By James Harvey

I’m an introvert — someone who prefers solitary to social activities. Don’t misunderstand this as me being an awkward computer-nerd you see portrayed on televisions who can’t hold a decent conversation; instead, think of it as someone who simply needs to re-energize after spending the day in a crowd: like a battery with a low lifetime of sorts.

My ideal day during the weekend would begin by getting 9 hours of sleep and then lifting some weights in the morning after my breakfast has properly settled. After a stress-relieving workout, I would get my post-workout meal in…

The Time I Sang a Rendition of “Friday” in Front of 1000+ People

By James Harvey


That bear hug; that smile; and those endless kisses and tears. I’ll never forget the day I received news about earning the Valedictorian award. Not only will I not forget about how proud I was, but also how proud my parents were after hearing the great news.

I wasn’t born with the intelligence of a genius — in fact I’m far from one. During 7th and 8th grade I simply took the classes that required the minimum amount of work to receive an A. And in 7th grade I met a couple of friends, who I…

James Harvey

Career in data science, passion in dance, and I write my thoughts sometimes.

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