Day 9

We have reached the end of week 2. This week has been full of Javascript and it has fun! I really like Javascript and it just seems to come to me…for the most part. I still struggle with details of being able to get the program to recognize which elements that I’m trying to use. Which basically means I can read the language, but I’m still not fluent when I speak it.

What I’m really stoked about is that I completed this coming week’s project today. Turned it in and everything. I don’t have to stress about it this week. I can focus on putting HTML, CSS, and Javascript together.

So, if I’ve finished my project for the week, what am I doing with my time? I am taking the rest of today (minus time to write this) to spend quality time with my wife.

I’ve vacuumed the house. Did the dishes. Cleaned the kitchen. Pretty good husbanding, right? Now, we are relaxing and watching Star Wars. It’s our favorite.

Tomorrow, I get back to it and learn everything I can learn while the learning is good. And the learning IS good!