The Double-Edged Question That Drives Nonstop Improvement
Todd Brison

Great article. I think everything can always be better. It is a question that we should always ask. The question that we have to ask ourselves after is “Is it sufficient.” Sufficiency may sound like a cop out, but we all ask it of ourselves. For instance, how much time would you spend on an article being published on the front page of the New York times? Follow that up with, how much time would you spend on an article being posted to a Medium publication. Both are words on paper (magic computer screen paper), but one holds more weight. One has a higher level of being sufficient.

Shipping is important (getting caught in the endless cycle of “this isn’t good enough” is awful) but so is striving to make your next piece of work better than the previous. That is the process. Refinement.

Thanks for the words. I always enjoy reading.

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