The Life of Joey DiGioia

Part 1: The Story of My Life in 100 Words

It’s 8 pm on a Friday night. I’m four hours into a long practice. My life centers around one thing: gymnastics. I spend five hours a day at the gym, and if you don’t already know, this means I literally have no social life. I’m a perfectionist, a trait that usually every gymnast has. But something that comes along with perfection is stress. I always have to live up to high expectations and be perfect…I have known my goals since I began doing this sport that I love so much.

All I can do now is try and achieve them.

Part 2: Graphing My Life
Part 3: Music That Moves Me

So I’m not a weird “punk rocker” or anything like that, but my parents definitely where. I grew up listening to the Ramones, Clash, Rancid, the Undertones, Led Zepplin, Boston and reggae music from artists like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. (On occasion Tupac was even thrown into the mix.) My grandparents also made me listen to Sinatra because what Italian didn’t know Sinatra?

My 7-year-old self could sing any song from my parents era, which was something most kids my age couldn’t do. I even sent a letter to Tim Armstrong (lead singer of Rancid) talking about how much I loved his band and the song “Radio.” I was 8, and his music was highly inappropriate for kids my age…😂)

Although I hate admitting it, I own so many retro band t-shirts that I could probably give one to everyone in my HWOC class and still have plenty left over.

So here is the link to the song my 7-year-old self used to sing all the time, everyday.

I also sing this all the time, I guess my grandparents managed to carve Dean Martin into my brain as well.

Both of these songs are special to me because they remind me of my childhood and of my family.

Part 4: Snapshot of a Moment, 9:00pm on a Friday, 8/26/16

Yes, I wasn’t at the football game on Friday, I was at gymnastics.

Part 5: My Video

This is a video of some fun conditioning we did at practice yesterday!

Part 6: Famous People I Admire

The picture above is of one of my favorite gymnasts, Madison Kocian. She’s on the national team for gymnastics, and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, where she took home one gold medal and one silver medal. Madison has always been my role model ever since I was little. She is one of my biggest inspirations because she shows how hard she works in the gym, and is always so perfect and professional. Ever time I’m in the gym I push myself harder so one day I can try and be as good as her.

Another person I admire is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not only one of the best soccer players in the world, but I consider him to be one of the best athletes in the world. He inspires me because he always works hard and trains so many hours a day. Every time I think of giving up, I think of how hard he was worked and how much he has accomplished in life. I can do the same if I can work as hard as him.

The last person that I admire is Usain Bolt. I have a lot of appreciation for athletes that work as hard as he does. He is, no doubt, the best runner to ever exist. I have done track and xc since I was in third grade, and he has always been someone I look up to and watch. Everything he does just truly amazes me.

Part 7: A Quote to Live By
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky