Day 12 — A Picturesque Day

Today started with some clouds which were a delight to see as the temperature did not break 100 since we have been here. Mind you, it flirted with it — but just did not quite make it. JC & Nancy, Lew & Lissa and Karen & I headed out for Geyser Pass to make trip over the mountain and into Colorado. Once we got into Colorado we made a lunch stop at Buckeye Reservoir; and then traveled back across the other side of the pass to where we off loaded the RZR’s. The rest of the Traveling Tigers took a trip up to Dead Horse Point and viewed various Indian writings carved within the red rock walls along the way.

Granted, every place we have been out here is a photographer’s dream land. However, today was nothing more than just what the title says; a picturesque day. Snapper (Karen) gave me a break she only took close to 700 photos on the ride today.

As we rode across the Geyser Pass and viewed the mountain peaks several things were going through my mind. One was the movie, The Sound of Music. The scenery was full of reminders of the entire movie — especially at the end when they are crossing over the mountain tops. Today is also Sunday — a day set aside for worship. I could not help but think of the praise and worship song titled: Shout to the Lord. One part of the lyrics of that song says: “mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of His name.”

What an awesome God we serve. What an awesome God to give us the majesty of His creation to enjoy.

We ended the day back at the RV park with a cookout of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. As with the end of every day, it also included much laughter and relaxation with all of us sitting around and just enjoying each other.

So much for the blog writing; it’s time for some pictures!!

The morning sky and unloading at Geyser Pass
Traveling up Geyser Pass
The Aspen trees are absolutely beautiful

As we traveled across the pass, the Aspen trees; Fur trees and Pines scattered all throughout the mountain side were unbelievable.

Lew & Lissa Riley leading the way across the mountain
It got cold enough we had to stop and put on jackets — go figure
Cutting through the woods Mayor Cook cheated and took and a short-cut
We reached Buckeye Reservoir in Colorado for our lunch stop

While at the reservoir JC said he thought he saw something with white on it just come flying over the lake. I have been on God’s earth for 60 years and have seen many a Bald Eagle in zoos but never in the wild. Yes, what JC saw was a Bald Eagle that flew over the reservoir and perched in a pine tree just beyond where we were sitting. In the next picture you will have to look close, but perched on a limb is a Bald Eagle — when he/she flew away it was awesome.

Bald Eagle
Other scenes from Buckeye Reservoir — that is JC in the bottom right
Traveling back to our starting point on the other side of Geyser Pass
Our final stop before loading up and heading back to the RV park

There is no doubt I miss being with our Church family — especially on this The Lord’s Day. However, you can see it was not hard to worship right here in these mountain valleys and peaks.