Day 13 — Klondike Bluff

As our time in Moab begins to narrow we took a trip back across the desert today to Klondike Bluff. We were able to enter the trail head from our RV park so no towing the RZR’s to our starting point. Marvin C. decided to get in on the action today and rode with JC as we ventured into the abyss of the desert lands.

As you view these pictures and even others of days past taken in the desert I want you to think about something: we are fortunate to have some roads to travel on, all be them gravel, rocks and dirt — our early settlers did not have that luxury. Think about having to travel across the terrain you see in these pictures with a chuck-wagon — having to push cattle across this terrain — having to find water and food and shelter. Example: Les spoke with one of the workers for our RV park and asked where they got the water for the park; his reply was the park has three wells with the most shallow of the three being 1,500 feet. When I think about our early pioneers and see the land they had to travel I gain so much more appreciation for what they had to go through.

Once we got to Klondike Bluff the trail ended and a hike had to be taken to get to the top. A hike of 2 miles, with no shade, in the glaring sun — guess what, we opted not to take the hike. However, I bet our early pioneers would have tracked on?

Traveling out to the trail head
Scenes along the way to Klondike Bluff
More views along the trip through the desert
How can a tree grow through a rock?
Had to take a water break and let JC give Beverly a call
Dinosaur Tracks

Along the way to Klondike Bluff there is one section called Dinosaur Tracks. I have been corrected. Last night I posted these as water indentions appearing to be that of dinosaur tracks. As it turns out these are actual fossil dinosaur tracks.

The final trek to the bluff
Views from the base of Klondike Bluff
Other views from the bluff
Back at the RV park — Marvin C. says he can be called “Dusty Marvin”

We have one more full day in Moab — then we pack up and travel to Marysvale, Utah. I am being told there is a complete different topography and type of trial riding.