Day 16 — First Trail Ride in Marysvale

Before getting into the events and pictures of the day let me make a couple brief statements of gratitude. First, this is a trip Karen and I never dreamed we would be doing in almost 38 years of marriage; and we could not if the Lord had not provided the means. This is also a first in 39 years of my profession. Until now I have never taken more than 7 days in a row away from any agency I have been affiliated with. That in and of itself is a tribute to the administration I have the privilege of working for; and the absolute confidence I have in the men and women I have the great privilege of leading within our agency. Finally, and by far not least, is our families. Every couple with the “Traveling Tigers” has senior moms back at home. Our family members are going above and beyond to see after those precious individuals to allow each of us to enjoy the beauty of our Nation. Thank you God, and thank you one and all.

Our main man, Les “the root” Jones was our official starter for the days begin:

And we’re off

We left the RV Park and traveled to a final elevation of 11,495 feet. You know something, it’s hard to breath up there. You never feel like your lungs are getting completely full. Our first leg was up through Miners’ Park with a stop at Silver King Mine, est. in 1894. We all assume it was an old silver mine simply by the name (go figure that one, huh?)

Traveling up Miners’ Park

Then we got to the mine:

Silver King Mine

While there, well you know Snapper, she has to walk around and find the entrance to the old mine shaft.

Mine shaft entrance

We left here and traveled on through the Skyline National Forest getting to locations called Bullion Pasture and Sheepherder Flat.

Traveling through Skyline National Forest

Take a close look at the bottom right picture. You will notice what appears to be two roads coming down from the mountain top and then connecting towards the bottom. Lew informs me these are what are call “avalanche channels.” In other words, no place you want to be when that mountain is covered in snow!!

We took a “pit” stop at Bullion Pasture while traveling on up the mountain
You notice something different on the sign from the previous photo?

While taking our pit stop the guy on the right comes driving up and begins pulling these streamers and signs out of the back of a Toyota Four Runner. Our curiosity got the best of us. He is part of team marking the trail for a short little run a group is doing this coming Saturday. There is a group coming in to try and complete what is called an “ultra marathon.” This short little run will consist of a distance of 96 K or 58 miles; cross three mountain peaks; two of which are at 12,000 feet and the third just under 12,000. The course must be completed in 19 hours or less. At this altitude I have decided I could not complete it in 19 days much less 19 hours.

This was our highest elevation for the day — wait til you see the other side
The other side — absolutely spectacular!!!!

What goes up — must come down!

Lobby Floor please!

Bottom right: Lew and Lissa are the bottom with Karen and I headed down.

As you view the next series of pictures I would like for you to think of a line in an old hymn: “Oh Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.”

How majestic is His name in all the earth?


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