Day 7 — Let the Trail Riding Begin

One word can describe everything you need to know about today. “ABSOLUTELY.” It was absolutely some of the most beautiful topography of God’s Creation Karen and I have ever seen; it was absolutely one the “HOTTEST” days I have been in during my 60 years on this beautiful earth. You did notice the capitalization in hottest? However, even the heat could not take away from the rock formations and sights we were able to see today.

Just to let you know, it was 112 degrees as were riding trails across the Moab desert. This is a different kind of heat — I drank 5 bottles of water and or Gatorade during roughly 6 six hours on the trails and trust me that wasn’t enough. When we returned to the RV park I drank two more and finally started feeling like a human being again.

During my suave time, all I did was barley turn the knob — now if you are a plumber you know that means you haven’t got to the hot portion of the suave water. I simply stood and let cold water run all over my head — and we will stop it there for now.

Take a look at just a small portion of our travels today through the desert.

Getting ready to head out to the desert
As soon as we cross the road from the RV park we are in the desert
Mayor JC Cook and the First Lady of Clemson truckin it to the first stop of the day
First stop of the day — Uranium Arch — Unbelievable
Uranium Arch — note either an eagle or hawk’s nest in the upper right
On our way to the next stop — two formations called the Monitor and the Merimac (looking at the Monitor)

The Monitor and the Merimac were named after the two Civil War battleships. Currently the Monitor is sank in about 220' of water off of the NC Coast in the Outerbanks.

The Monitor on the right & The Merimac on the left directly across from each other as in battle formation
A short little rock climb getting between the two formations
Jimmy & Karen in front of the Monitor
Out front is Lew & Lissa then JC & Nancy as we are off to our lunch stop

We traveled across the Moab desert to our lunch stop which is a place called Trusher Tunnel — an amazing sight.

Walking to Trusher Tunnel for a quick lunch stop
Need I say more?

These were our three main stops for the days ride. Scroll through below and I will include various pictures of other sights along the way.

If you have kept up with our adventure, you know a few days ago Karen and I experienced a blow out of the right front tire of our vehicle. Take a look at the next photo if you will please as we got out for a short little hike (how crazy was that in 112 degree weather).

It is so hot here the Mayor blew out his right front shoe

We ended up making one more stop which turned out to be a rather interesting piece of history for the Moab desert.

During the early 1900’s they raised cattle out here — this was their watering hole

That is all for the day folks. I think you can easily see why the word “absolutely” or even better; “awesome” is only fitting for the day. Let me close as always: GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!

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