Marysvale Trail Riding — Day 17

Well unfortunately one couple of the “Traveling Tigers” decided to leave us today. Marvin Carmichael really started feeling the symptoms of his “altitude sickness” and felt he had been opening his wallet way too much and had to go. However, Les and Jane were much appreciative of his sickness cause Les has been able to save enough money from Marvin’s “altitude sickness” to rent he and Jane a RZR for the day and hit the trails with the rest of us. Marvin and Felicia, Les and Jane truly say “thank you.”

Now, seriously, Marvin has a friend in Colorado so he and Felicia left out this morning to go to somewhere in the unknown but within the State of Colorado. They will both be missed as they will always be considered a member of the “Traveling Tigers” for life!!

Traveling Tigers saying — “drive safe Marvin & Felicia”

Okay, how about the day. We started out visiting some of the locations of yesterday so Les & Jane could see some of the awesome views we experienced.

Preparing to head out for the day
Les & Jane say — “nuttin to it”
First stop at Bullion Pasture

From here we traveled on through the Skyline National Recreation area to the highest peak we reached yesterday to give Les and Jane the view from above and a little chill in the air.

The view from above at 11,495 feet — JC had the “tiger rag” flying

We left here and took them to Silver Creek Mine and then from there we traveled into the Paiute ATV trail area and through the Deer Creek Trail to our lunch spot for the day.

Scenery on the way to the trail

Traveling along Deer Creek Trail:

We reached our lunch stop which is a place called “Hoovers” not Hooters.

It’s “Hoovers” not Hooters

After lunch we traveled back to the RV park — but we’re not done yet. Following a brief rest for the rain to cease we set sail again into the Paiute ATV trail area. While there we climbed a few hills; rode through a few canyons and yes, I will save the best for last.

Paiute ATV Trails

While within the trail area we caught the sun at just the right moment coming through the clouds. It was as if the Angels were descending to the earth. Comments were made like: “this just seem doesn’t real.”

Now, the best for last. Have you ever simply sat and watched a rainbow form. If not, then you have to try it sometime. David Copperfield cannot top that. Coming back across the trails we saw a double rainbow and then sat and watched another rainbow form across the desert in all it’s brightness and colors.


Tomorrow will be our last day day out west. We decided to take a break from the RZR’s and truck it to the Grand Canyon. So, be sure to check out Day 18’s blog for sights from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


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