Oregon by way of Custer State Park

WOW!!!!!! That about sums up the day. Two of the best friends; and tour guides a couple could have in JC and Nancy Cook out did themselves today. While I was putting together last nights blog page, the two of them were in their room planning out today’s route. Get ready for a ton of pictures; as long as this blog sight will publish them all. Got to give it to Snappy, she is getting back into her travel form by taking over 600 pictures today alone.

The day started with a trip to the Crazy Horse Mountain. For decades now a sculpture is being made of the Indian Crazy Horse who refused to give in to government and unkept promises and give up the land of his people. There is much more history there than I have time to write. Thus far the only part of the statue that is noticeable; and the truth be known this statute will definitely not be completed in my lifetime. The work that has been done thus far and continues on however is incredible.

The sculpture artist that began the work — and his family continues the work to this day
Inside the Crazy Horse Museum
Look over our shoulder and you can see the monument come to life
Forefront is a rendering of what the monument in the rear will be when finished

After touring Crazy Horse Mountain we went to the Wind Cave National Park. Wind Cave is a natural underground cave where to date they have mapped 147 miles of underground tunnels. We went on a tour of a small part of the cave reaching a depth of 200 feet below the surface; and actually walking underneath where the current visitors’ center and park office is located.

Waiting on our tour guide
Our Ranger Tour Guide — That Small Hole is Where the Original Explorers found the cave
These are the tunnels that have been mapped to date
When the door closes behind you — you in it for the long haul
Don’t worry Rick, I will bring the Mayor back before the final budget reading!!
200' under ground and all smiles
More Underground Rock Formations

After finishing the cave tour it was time to meet some new friends and go through Custer State Park. You go from incredible plains lands to the most awesome rock formations you have ever laid your eyes on.

Meet some of our new friends:

Buffalo, Antelope and Wild Borro

After traveling through the buffalo herd it was time to get on Needles Highway and view the rock formations that appear to be reaching to the sky.

Off course there were a couple quite narrow and not s tall tunnels we had to drive through
More to Come
Another what you might call “small” tunnel

After traveling through this tunnel you come upon a rock formation that actually appears to be the eye of the needle.

The Needles Eye

We left Custer State Park and traveled back to our quaint little historic town of Deadwood, SD. The resting place of Wild Bill Hickock and the place of his death.

Main St. Deadwood, SD
The Historic Bullock Hotel — Our Resting PLace

Like I said in the beginning, WOW!! We head out tomorrow for Mount Rushmore and other sights to end up in Cody, WY for the night. Oh yea, along the way tomorrow morning we will be looking for a place to bring our campers, RZR’s and others for some mud slinging and hill climbing!!!!


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