Oregon thru Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

We left the Beartooth Hotel in Montana to start the day touring the lower portion of the Yellowstone National Park. Yesterday was spent touring the upper portion of the park. We will end the day with an introduction to the Grand Tetons Mountain range.

Driving in to the park we observed several fly fishermen fishing for that trophy trout along with a gorgeous water fall.

Then we got to the hot springs area. Observe the colors and formations that come from the sulfur, and other chemicals as they react with the limestone.

We even found out that dead driftwood makes great picture frames:

Then we went to Old Faithful. Right on ques, she spews from under the ground.

Following Old Faithful giving us a show it was time for the Old Faithful Inn and some lunch. Let me tell you, this place has the definition of “rustic” down to a science.

The Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful goes off roughly every hour or so. As we were walking out she was spewing from the underneath once again.

There are geysers all around Old Faithful along with several hot pools. They have constructed a boardwalk allowing you to walk around and observe all these spectacular works of nature and science.

Then we came up on Lewis Lake. Take note of this lake being completely iced over at the end of May.

Then we met some new friends along the way:

Finally for Yellowstone, a few pictures before our introduction to the Grand Tetons:

Now for an introduction to the Grand Tetons. If this is an intro, I don’t know if I can’t handle tomorrow.

I have had to redo this post twice this evening. Don’t know if I was trying to put too many pictures in it or what — I just know the program didn’t want to play nice.

We will be heading out to tour more of the Grand Tetons and head into Boise, Idaho for night. One more stop before we reach Eugene, Oregon and the 2017 ITGA Conference. As with everything we covet your prayers for our safety and that those we come in contact may see something in us like the love of Christ.