The Adventure Continues — Day 15

Well we all packed up, hooked up and departed from Moab this morning and headed about 200 miles further west to Marysvale, Utah. I must say the drive out was one of the most scenic we have been on. You actually do go into another completely different topography.

Highway 191 from the Archview RV Park headed to I-70
They pull em long out here

Once we got on I-70 and the scenery began changing “Snapper” went crazy again. We are traveling along listening to a CD of the Book of Psalms — the next thing I know Karen is looking left & snap; looking right & snap; looking out the windshield & snap; then if that’s not enough, the window comes down and yes, snap again, and again, and again; well, you get the picture (no pun intended).


While traveling along I-70 we come to a fairly steep and long climb called San Rafael Swell. We peaked at about 7,800 feet. My main man Les and I were talking once we arrived and both agree. They call this area a swell — not a mountain — if this ain’t a mountain, then we ain’t got no mountains back home. I have learned it is a swell due to two rocks coming together and pushing themselves up out of the earth. Les even learned that our early pioneers when traveling this area would go miles out of the way to go around this area because it was so hard to get over.

About half way through the “swell” we pulled over at what they call a rest area out here:

I don’t want to be the one pumping this one out.

I must say though, Karen had to climb a hill and take a look at the viewing area for this part of the San Rafael Swell:

San Rafael Swell viewing area
More views along I-70

After about 4 hours we began to enter Marysvale:

Coming into Marysvale, Utah

We got into Marysvale and pulled into Lizzie & Charlie’s RV and ATV Park. This will be our place of lodging for the next four nights.

We have arrived!!!

Once we got set up at the RV park some rains came so we did not hit the trails today. Weather looks good for tomorrow and the plan is to get out and sling some mud and climb some hills. Yeah, buddy!!!!

We are all thankful to God for His Blessings and traveling mercies once again on this part of the “Traveling Tigers” adventure out west.