The new game industry crisis
A. Pigeot

I would be much more happy to support the gaming industry if I wasn’t being forced to buy a Beta, or so help me God, an Alpha release instead of a finished product. More and more often, this is the norm. I appreciate that you (the gaming company) are in a rush to recoup some of that R&D expense, but stop treating me like a cow to be milked.

Equally, I loathe the F2P model (and it’s associate the Pay to win P2W) with the burning fire of a 1000 dying suns. I enjoy a free game now and then, but mostly I stick to Browser-based for that. I’ll pay for a game, when I’m getting a complete product that won’t then require me to pay for a DLC a few months later.

As it is with the current model the gaming industry is in, I buy one full game a year, and that’s it. Want things to be the way they used to be? Start releasing finished games the way you used to do.

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