I’m Arab and Many of Us Are Glad That Trump Won
Omar Kamel

I voted for Sanders in the primary and Clinton last week, and neither time did I delude myself that I was doing anything but making the best meaningless gesture I could. While I live in great dread of Trump’s presidency, Clinton would have maintained the worst elements of the Obama administration while also bringing back some of the worst elements of the Bush administration. The Congressional gridlock would have continued, the deaths of innocents in the Middle East would have continued, the militarization of our domestic police (and the systematic slaughtering of black men) would have continued, the homeless would continue to be ignored, Israel would continue to be coddled as we ignore its violations of international law (I’m Jewish and am as disgusted by that as you are), the “Affordable Care Act” would become less and less affordable, and economic inequality would continue apace. I don’t think the chances of war in the next four years are any greater under Trump than they would have been under Clinton (her proposal for a no-fly zone in Syria, which would quickly bring us into direct conflict with Russia, is as unhinged as anything he’s suggested.) I don’t blame anyone for demanding change and seeking it wherever they could find it (and if it freaked out smug big-city liberals like me, so much the better.) Really, the only reason I voted for Clinton is that I find Trump a more personally offensive human being, and I’m more afraid of his advisers than hers. But I don’t pretend that my vote did anything but give me the comfort of knowing that I voted against a sexual predator. (Yes, I know I voted for the spouse of one instead. You just can’t win.)

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