The Radiance Book

Sep 28, 2017 · 4 min read

Radiance — A colourful story is a lovingly produced title that celebrates the cultural and historical story of colour, and the tradition of print.

Tech advances are transforming the way we lead our lives. This sentiment is widely shared and with good reason: almost every area of life is affected, including the way we work, play, shop, eat, medicate, travel and more. These transformations are more often than not positive ones — in many cases more convenient, more efficient and more effective. Although this digital era is indeed very exciting, sometimes the enormity of the changes can overpower one’s senses.

The agency recently celebrated it’s fifth anniversary. This small but significant landmark offered the perfect opportunity to create something that was really ‘us’, stepping away from the digital race and any commercial agenda. The appreciation of books is unanimous within the agency, so enthusiasm and excitement quickly snowballed at the idea of a passion project to produce a colour book.

Being a branding and design agency, we work with colour every day, and we understand the ‘language’ and effects of colour across all interactions and aspects of life. However, we had to grow our knowledge further for the Radiance project, and the extensive research about the historical and cultural use of colour was definitely an eye-opener and thoroughly inspiring.

We teamed up with creative print consultancy Printerbello to ignite our creative vision for the book. Radiance was designed to be an extraordinary visual and sensory experience from the outset, and compromising this vision to meet a price-point was something that we refused to do. Made to a very limited and exclusive run of just two-hundred copies, the book is presented in a custom silver-coloured postage box, detailed with a mirroring of the book’s geometric pattern in a subtle white print. The box is kept neatly closed by a white seal with silver foil detail. Inside, underneath a foiled letterhead with a personally written message to it’s recipient, the book is wrapped in silver packing tissue, with an embossed gold coloured sticker lending a regal feel to the unpacking experience.

There are many unexpected and uncommon elements used throughout the book, starting with the beautifully tactile cotton-wrapped cover. Inside, luxurious finishes, metallic foils, inserts and high-end paper types all work together to create a very high quality item that feels right in the hand. The quality feel and tactile nature of the materials is really allowed to sing by the classic, heritage-inspired design style and awe-inspiring photography.

While the cost of the luxurious materials was inevitably high, a less obvious but equally challenging obstacle was the actual printing and making of the book. The lavish use of the finishes, foils and papers mentioned earlier meant that print production would be extremely complex.

Enter high-end print guru Andrew Hawkes from Printerbello. Andrew has an enviable track record of over ten years helping luxury brands and blue chip companies with their printing needs. Despite his wealth of experience, Andrew declared the project as “one of the most technically challenging projects he’s ever been involved with”. For a standard print project, Andrew would engage two, or, at most, three, suppliers: a paper merchant, a print company, and possibly a print finisher. In the case of Radiance, no less than twelve suppliers were involved in bringing the book to life. We’re in love with the result.

Creating Radiance book has been an amazingly insightful and inspiring journey, which has fortuitously yet inadvertently broadened our thinking and our approach to problem solving.

We’re always keen to hear from like-minded people with passion and purpose, so let’s see if together we can bring your vision to life.


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