The nature of intelligence
Tautvilas Mečinskas

Interesting question (“what is intelligence?”), but I’m okay with our current, incomplete, answer. I don’t believe we NEED equivalence between human and machine intelligence. In fact, I believe use of the term “intelligence” applied to machines is just marketing hype.

Context is probably important. In humans, I suspect that we need to incorporate motivation, abstraction, discernment, indirection and many other qualities. In machines, maybe not so much.

Machine / artificial intelligence can be used as a tool. Let the humans provide the more qualitative judgements to decide applications. Let the machines do the grunt work.

Classification and translation (two recent AI success stories) are largely mechanistic activities. I applaud the application of machine power to such activities, just as we use other tools to dig ditches and lift heavy objects. Refinement of machine “intelligence” to more reliably perform such specific tasks saves human work that might have a better use.

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