Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry


This project was quite successful presenting a fun, intuitive experience to beginners and users new to Virtual Reality. User experiences were very positive during testing while providing useful information needed to iterate and improve the game. All users were able to move around the showroom and interact with each area.

Process Section

AutoVR is a mobile VR application for new VR users, which challenges them to solve a familiar type of puzzle in a new way.


The initial planning process included sketches of the overall layout.

User Testing

User Test 1
The first user test focused on the environment to ensure all elements were the appropriate scale and proportion in relation to the users perspective. All users felt the environment was a little small.

Breakdown of Final Piece


The final is an enjoyable, educational experience for beginners to Virtual Reality. The process detailed above helped to continually and easily improve the game during the development process.

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