Choking Down that Frog…

I’m choking on that frog.

The “frog” in question is my need and desire to blog on a frequent basis. My motivation comes from the fact that sharing my thoughts and values, and sharing them openly will bring many benefits to me. If nothing else getting the insight and advice from readers will be of immense value.

So why am I not doing this??? It’s not that I don’t have something to say. It’s not that I’m afraid of looking silly. It’s not that I’ve never learned to properly punctuate. It’s not that I’m afraid to listen to opposing viewpoints. It’s not that I fear the flames that might ensue from an unpopular position.

I have a confession…I’m a serial perfectionist.

I’m choking on that frog because I spend 80% of my time on the last 20% of my posts. As a result, I get tired, bored, frustrated and end up not publishing because of the inordinate amount of time I’m spending on the part of the iceberg above the water.

To a large degree, improvement comes from one’s ability to recognize a fault, reflect on it, and then change to correct it.

It’s time to eat that frog. Please pass the salt…