When to Call in a Richmond Hill, GA HVAC Contractor

Whether it is heat in the winter or cool air in the summer, HVAC units in Georgia have a tough job to do. It seems there is never a time they don’t need to be working! For this reason, they require regular vigilance so if you discover a small issue, it can be repaired before it goes out completely. Pushing a unit to continue working, even when it needs to be repaired is bad for everyone- including your wallet! Be aware of any or all of these signs:

#1 No Air
 At some point, you may find that your HVAC unit simply isn’t working at all. Even at full blast, the air conditioner isn’t cold or the heater isn’t hot. It could mean that your system’s compressor has failed or that your system’s Freon levels are too low. It is best to try to bring in an HVAC repairman before this happens, because you might have to to replace the unit at this point.

#2 Poor Airflow
Before the unit stops completely, there will be poor airflow to rooms further away from the unit. If you are noticing weak or little airflow through your vents, the unit’s compressor may be failing. This is a sign that your HVAC system needs urgent repair before it stops airflow all together.

#3 Excess Moisture

Moisture or leakage around your system can be an indication of a major problem. When you see leaks from your HVAC system, it can mainly because of two reasons: a refrigerant leak or a blocked drain tube. While a blocked drain tube is not a big deal, refrigerant leaks can cause serious health risks to you and your family and need to be repaired at once. An HVAC contractor in Richmond Hill, GA will be able to know right away which cause it is.

#4 Strange Sounds or Smells
Squealing, grating, or grinding noises coming from your air conditioner are a sign that you need to call in the professionals. Strange or pungent smells from your air conditioning vents normally means that the wire insulation has burned out. These signs imply that something is wrong inside the unit and a unit failure is imminent if you don’t get it repaired soon.

Does your HVAC unit need a professional to come in and check it out? Bring in a HVAC contractor in Richmond Hill, GA to handle the situation right away, as soon as you recognize any of the symptoms above.

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