PS VITA: The Console That Could

I’ve always been a fan of this little thing, packed with its sleek design and wonderful looking screen, but i’ve always wondered why the mass audience of the world gives it a cold shoulder even though it’s still receiving several games that i love.

I don’t wonder that anymore.

Out of the vast library of the Playstation Vita’s catalog, the games that are offered are not likely some that many playstation owners are familiar with or are comfortable with.

Mainly due to the fact that most games, while great in their own right, come from the japanese territory and more than likely turns off several gamers due to their preferences or thinking that all japanese games are “weird” and shouldn’t be a preference at all in the American market. That comes mostly from casual gamers however.

Playstation’s Missteps

Playstation should have known what was in store when they were making this device. It was meant to serve as an advancement of the Playstation Portable and provide new kinds of games for the consumer to broaden the capabilities of the handheld market. However, they ignored that plot line and tried to advertise it as:

“Console graphics on the go”

Knowing very well the device was inferior with the Playstation 3, the device

was known to be ahead of its time and several developers didn’t know what to think of or what to do with the device. This lead to harsh developments on video game developers and since the device was very expensive at the time, it was also very expensive and time constraining to develop AAA games for it as well.

This eventually led to where the Playstation Vita is now.

A console device loved by its owners and ignored by everyone else

Even if the Playstation Vita isn’t getting much support from First Party devs, there are many other Third Party devs that adore the device and continue to make amazing content for it such as critically acclaimed indie games like Hyper Light Drifter or Risk of Rain. Also, there are exclusive games and ports of PC and console releases such as Severed from Drinkbox Studios and Xcom: Enemy Unknown Plus from 2K.

There is still fun to be had from this device with its mass catalog of indie, console, and japanese games that are still planning for release. It’ll keep the console on its feet, but unfortunately it won’t be enough to gain what the 3ds has with its mass audience of gamers.

I still prefer the device however, because even though its been ignored by the casual audience and First Party AAA games have ceased, there is still a niche audience that is very welcoming to me and i’ve loved the device ever since i met that niche.

I’m not saying that you SHOULD love the device, i’m just saying that there is no reason to hate it and if you give it a chance, you may find something special that just may pique your interest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to get back to Persona 4: Golden. Its so awesome.

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