Titanfall 2 has been announced and it looks amazing this time.

Back from the Shadows

I always wondered when they’d be back. Shrugging off the fun but hollow game meant to be the best AAA exclusive for the Xbox One, this seems to be a new iteration of creative design and gameplay from the makers of Titanfall. Albeit its a short clip, but it’s enough to show that there is more to just multiplayer in this simply because it’s already been stated by the developers that they would experiment with campaign iterations due to the poor reception of the original online-only campaign.

It was a Good Concept From the Start

Personally, i adored the original Titanfall on PC ignoring the fact that my PC was constantly dropping frames because i couldn’t get a better one.

I felt that they truly had an excellent concept upon themselves with mechs fighting other mechs and soldiers fighting on the ground. It was an impressive feat. However, the main problem with Titanfall was not because of its gameplay or its graphics, but due solely to the fact that other than the multiplayer aspect of the game, there was nothing else to offer from it, resulting in harsh abandonment among players.

It was a sad thing to see, but the reality remained that the players didn’t feel the need to keep playing if there wasn’t anything else to make them keep playing.

Taking Criticism and Expanding from it

Although the reception of the game was heavily praised by critics and panned by some gamers alike, the developers of Titanfall, known as Respawn Entertainment, remained vigilant and also were very confident in their futures due to the fact that they said they were going to make a sequel in the first place. Also, they verified that it will also include a single player campaign.

All that being said, its best to remain curious and check up with the game once in a while with updates from the developers on how they will adapt from the first game’s criticism and step forward in the gaming industry.

A Bright Future Ahead

Whatever Respawn may have for us, it sure looks like a bright one and with the addition of a sword in the game, this is looking to be one of my personally anticipated games in 2016. I hope others will think the same when it comes.

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