Simplicity born of discretion is the mark of mastery.

I spent last year attempting to meet rigid weekly goals and habits — which was good, but not the most effective. “Work out 3 times per week” is a good habit but is not adaptable. This year I am pursuing a more flexible system to build momentum and progress in my life. I’m calling it:

“More of This — Less of That”

Here’s the principle: Each day make decisions to fill your life with things in the “more” group and reduce things in the “less” group. Sometimes one choice fulfills more than one. The following is my list:


  • Movement
  • Nature
  • Cooking / Better food ( Farmer’s Market…

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Quality Sleep
  3. Nourishing Food
  4. Strength and Mobility

In that order, it’s that simple.

Rules for improving your life with money.

Does it remove something negative from your life?

This is the most important question, and will improve your life the most. Removing negatives is much more powerful than adding positives.

Have you waited at least 3 days to decide whether or not to buy it?

Do not make impulse purchases.

Are you maintaining your current possessions?

Buy quality goods and then learn how to take care of them. The alternative is to fill your life with gobs of cheap, low-quality goods which will not work well and need to be replaced often.

Do you own something already that could fulfill the same purpose of the thing you want to buy?

Buying things is fun, so ask yourself what this purchase will actually change about your life? …

Jordan O'Leary

Coder, Inventor, Thinker

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