Attention Dubliners: We are all being spied on by a little known company on Camden Street… and…
Youssef Sarhan

I understand your concern Youssef, but the world has been OK with being spied on for the last 10–15 years or so. Ever since we embraced smartphones into our lives, we’ve been walking around with an internet-connected microphone and camera in our pockets and allowed it into our homes and bedrooms. It would be naive to think that intelligence agencies and shady companies have not tapped into our phones yet to collect all kinds of data on us, our surroundings and our behaviour. This is “just” a camera that registers who walks by. Our smartphones log where we are at any given time of the day, at what speed we are travelling (and therefor know if we’re in a car, train or on a bike) and so much more. It’s basically like someone is looking over your shoulder the entire day.

I’m not saying that this is okay, but not enough people seem to care to make a change. We’re not all massively selling our smartphones and going back to the good old analog Nokia 3310 or even better, our landlines. We want to be connected, we want to share stuff, we want to get those likes from our friends and relatives. This is something that’ll not change anytime soon, it’ll only get worse and most people are either OK with it or unaware of it. But even if they would be aware, I doubt it’ll change. The human need to connect to other human beings is far too strong and therefor easily exploitable, it’s something that we do not easily give up.

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