Digital Media Exercise: Multimedia Assignment #1

1. A story that would greatly benefit from audio, visual, and written reports would be something pertaining to sports. The audio and video would help the audience to experience more, while the written portion would be used to give further insight into the matter.

2. In a close and tightly contested match up, Pi Kappa Alpha took the win over Sigma Phi Epsilon in a men’s intramural indoor soccer match.

3. The written portion of the story will contain the play-by-play breakdown of the game, with interviews from officials and players alike. The video element of the story will primarily consist of highlights and goals from the match itself. The audio will be the interviews and the noise of the crowd reacting to the games intensity. The photographic element will be the roster of both teams, the officials, and the fans in the crowd. The links and additional elements will be links to university recreation, and how to reach APSU about any questions or concerns.

4. The primary sources that I will interview will be officials, players, and fans in attendance. I will need to talk to roughly 5–10 people to get an accurate representation and feel for the game. The secondary source I will use will be the APSU Recreation website, allowing me access to player’s statistics.

5. The main thing that I would like to have on video for this assignment would be highlights of the game itself, and I would dedicate roughly 3 minutes to this. The other thing I would like to incorporate would be a pan over of the audience and how intently they are in the game.

6. The audio branch of this segment is primarily those who will be interviewed, such as officials, players, and fans. I would also like a nice segment of the crowds’ roars for a few seconds.

7. The photos that I would use would be the rosters of both teams, with headshots of the players. Also, one solid panoramic of the crowd should suffice as a background for the story.

8. The main link that would be useful for the readers would be a link to campus recreation, allowing the reader to view stats of the players that they are hearing, reading, and seeing throughout this segment.