HOWTO: do a “roundup” post for Indivisible, the Women’s March, or anything else
Jon Pincus

Using Press This to speed up cut-and-paste

If you’re using Wordpress — or have access to a Wordpress blog — the handy Press This bookmarklet can be very helpful. Press This automagically formats the headline (complete with a link) and excerpt from an article, and lets you choose from the photos on the page. You can even select text before clicking on the bookmarklet and it will use that as the excerpt … how cool is that?

It’s not a prefect solution. You may still need to do some formatting to get it to look like you want. And Press This is designed to make each article an individual post, which isn’t what you want in a roundup, so you’ll still need to cut-and-paste into a single post. Still, at least for me it’s a big time-saver, so you may want to check it out.

You can find Press This in the Tools section of your Wordpress dashboard. Thoriq Fridaus has a good overview on Hong Kiat.

If you’re not using Wordpress but still want to use Press This, you can use a Wordpress blog as a “staging area”. This is pretty much what I did when making my Indivisible posts on Medium. The first time I did a draft post on Wordpress and then cut-and-paste; after that, I just cut-and-paste each individual article once I had posted them using Press This. It’s a little more work up front, but at last for me it paid off big time.

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