My one concern about the whole jobs situation is that the current rate that technology is…
Paul Godsmark

What people need to understand is that we are moving from a world where static education is less and less needed and more dynamic , always learning, type of education will be the best way to stay ahead of things. You have to read and study to stay ahead. Having said that, a 20 year old vs. a 50 year old should approach things differently. There will always be stages in development for larger systems so there are “steps” we have to take to get there. Those steps involve a lot of people thinking together. The best way to stay with the flow is to jump into it. No one knows what people are capable of until they try. I bet there are MANY people out there just too scared to go back to “learning” new things. Or you can move to a slower paced country that reflects your less hurried lifestyle. Perhaps the future will bring people migrating to countries based on a level of technology they prefer. Build a country that rejects a lot of technology and you might have a business model for people who want to live the “old fashion way”. It’s all exciting. If we can build nuclear bombs and manage not to destroy the world (I think we are over that hump — for the most part) we can certainly navigate AI. We know how to control it. Self thinking machines do not go beyond their boundaries — at least not for a long time…The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Morals and Ethics must always be applied and humans must be the priority benefactors. Change is inevitable in a world that is full of inquisitive humans — most humans are interested in “making things easier” to focus on bigger and better things. If you can imagine people living in space in 200 years, imagine the groundwork we are going to be doing for all that! My only wish is I could live 200 years — okay, let’s work on that too!

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