‘Eventual Capital’: The new paradigm
Javier Lozano

Colombians love free lunch

Regarding the Event Bitches, they are sort of social marketing influencers. That’s their most valuable asset. Their followers to promote the sponsored event. And they go for the free food.

The Eventual Capitalist as you well describe them, are the incarnation of the lazy student, looking how to trick the system, i.e. delivering a good pitch, designing a great investor decks or filling the long forms. But they miss the most important: building something people love.

That is not my idea, but it’s a good framework described by Paul Graham, explaining why being an entrepreneur is something difficult to teach. Building a startup is about knowing your user, not looking for the next free lunch!

I’m from Colombia and we have to stop saying: “free even a punch!”. We have to do our homework, that’s the cost we have to pay.

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