In the middle of your extremely busy day, pause from a moment and look around your office. Have a look at that screen on the wall over there, maybe it’s just got a news channel on mute, or maybe there’s a dashboard that’s updating over time.

I know it’s hectic, but pause for a moment. From SimpleDesktops.

Think about that. A screen with a dashboard. What powers that? Let’s pretend it’s a Raspberry Pi or similar plugged into the back of it, or maybe it actually is! What software powers that Pi? Is it really just someone connecting via Screen-Sharing to remotely control the desktop? Or is there an actual — programmable — piece of software to display that content on the screen? Ask the person next to you, “Hey man, who controls that screen, what software is it running?

No seriously, ask! I’m trying to work out if I’ll forever be doomed to connect to a physical machine to put a dashboard on the screen. I’m hoping there’s some unknown project that I missed for this.

Because what, you’re telling me there isn’t a startup dedicated to changing the way we display content in our offices?