Crazy Start 2016 — Day 1

Good morning Medium! I wish I felt as chipper as that first sentence, however I did indeed make it out of bed and out of the house at 5am this morning. I think moving my “awake” time any earlier might push me past the boundaries that my night-owl sanity will allow, however 5am seems doable.

Fortunately, I successfully made it to the gym, and was able to get a good workout in. Though this process exposed a few shortcomings in my plan. First of all, shaving. Though this may be a TMI moment, I am a shower-shaver, and the gym shower setup is not very conducive to shaving. I have some ideas how to solve this problem, but at the moment it seems to be the most complicated issue.

Another problem that arose was trying to avoid waking my wife while getting ready. I had thought I could simply rummage through the closet to pick out some clothes, then throwing them in my gym bag. This was not handled well on my part, and caused enough noise to be disturbing. Getting things ready during the night before will be more important I think.

The last major problem that came up was food. There was no way I was going to do a full workout without having eaten anything, and yet at the same time I didn’t have anything that I felt was low calorie enough, would provide enough energy, and I could eat on the go. So I settled for eating a yogurt really quickly in the house, which slowed me down more than I would have liked. Grocery store beware, for soon I will be raiding your halls!

Speaking of food, one major positive of this whole experience… Breakfast! Yeah, I still love breakfast.

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