Top 5 Oscar Snubs of 2015

Oscares came today and I was thinking waht are they thinking over there in Holly wood? Umm do they not have their brains on properly becasuse they did some of the biggest snubs today taht i’ve seen in recent history. It seemed like they didn’t see the movies that I see or have the bravery to pick the movies that were actually important this year. lets see the list:

#5. The Boondock Saints

This is not even a discussion Bookdock Saints one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Period. I can’t believe that oscar acadamey was like “uh, I’ve seen better movies this year than Boondock Saints” I’m sorry! There isn’t many better movies tahn Boondock Saints in 2015. You’re wrong academy! Snubbed big time.

#4. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Okay cool boys out there, here me out. Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle is not only a very sexy movie it is funny and action too! This is not just for a girls movie. I promise you this is one of the greatest movies I saw in 2015 and there was also veyr good acting! Why can’t the academy honor diverse performances like Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu? Huh, acadamy? A little scared it’s not called Charlie: Full Throttle about a white man?

#3. Zombieland

This movie so scary one of the scariest movies I ever seen. BUT it deserves to be on this list and was snubbed by the oscar acadmeny. This movie had really good shots in it and it also had good acting by Woody Harrelson, Elijah wood, Emma watson and Abigail breslin. Seriously you need to see this movie it is really good but don’t watch it alone ;) One of my favorite films of 2015. For sure a snub.

#2. The War of The Roses

This was one of the weirdest movies I ever seen. I couldn’t understand it while it was happening and then I couildn’t understand it after but that’s why it’s good and got snubbed. It was so smart like I didn’t even know. The actors were good to. Danny DeVito who is usually scary was actually really good and I cant understand why the oscar academy didn’t think this deserved one of 2015's best movies. I sure did!

#1. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

What the freakin hell oscar academy!?! Peter Jacksons worked so hard to bring us this amazing world and you have to snub it at your award presentation? This is one of those films that makes you understand why we go tot he cinema anyways! Roger Ebert, god rest his soul… I can’t even. You snubbed a great movie and arguably the best of 2015. History wont be kind to you.

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