Lessons in sexism from Fallout Shelter

  1. Happiness impacts productivity. The fastest way to make people happy is sex.
  2. Once a female has sex she is pregnant, but males can have sex repeatedly without consequences, and highly skilled males should have sex with as many partners as possible.
  3. One factor that impacts happiness is health. Health is 100% as a default but can be lost due to participation in activities such as exploring, defending the vault door, or rushing production.
  4. Pregnant females will flee any danger, taking refuge in the bunker. This means any weapons they carry are useless.
  5. Females can still train while pregnant.
  6. One skill that has positive benefits regardless of the dwellers job is luck.
  7. Luck is trained through activities such as ping-pong, pinball, and gambling.
  8. Learned skills points can be passed on from parent to child to a certain extent.
  9. The best use of females is therefore to keep them pregnant, keep them gambling all the time, and let the males do the hard work and leave the shelter to forage in the wilderness. Females should not be given weapons or additional clothing (clothing offers no benefit to training or child-birth). When a female maxes out in training they may then be assigned to manufacture clothing and weapons, for the males.