I did it!

Remember my last post? It was a reminder to myself to re-implement my morning routine. Nothing new or even inspirational-it was more a journal entry styled reflection on what seems to work best for me.

I’m happy to report, some short time after that post, that I have rediscovered the value of this important morning ritual! My morning began today at 4:45am and for the first 20 mins or so of the day, I got a lot done-within myself, that is.

After the usual morning essentials we all practice, using the bathroom, splashing some water on my face, and brushing my teeth, I moved to a different area of my house to enter into a conversation with myself.

I always begin with breathing. I don’t have a choice to be honest. I have suffered greatly from an anxiety disorder the entirety of my adult life so breathing is something I simply choose not to go without daily. Breathing centers me, and it allows me to refresh the “browsing screen” of my mind, if you will.

After a few minutes of this guided meditation, I turn to a great self help book I came across a year or so ago. Since we are so bombarded daily with so many negative self-messages daily from the outside world, I find it important to take the time to paint a positive picture on my hearts “canvas”-one that will bring me joy and confidence all day.

Finally, i come to some sort of spiritual nourishment. I have no problem in sharing that I’m Christian-Roman Catholic to be exact. I just want to be clear that religious orientation, or even non-religious orientation-does not have to dictate what spiritual experience one might have in a simple meditation such as the one described.

Spirituality is a deep and fluid reality that lies within the hearts of all people on this earth, and it binds us together in a special way. Without proselytizing, I have to simply share the great fulfillment I find in transitioning my contemplative time each morning, to a spiritual orientation.

Any of this resonate with you? Please let me know. I would love to hear how others find their center each day, and enter into conversation with themselves and even realities greater than or outside this one we share.


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