At its core, this is a “getting to know you” tool, akin to SuperMe, or any other introduction activity. However, here we aim to build a really strong bond between pairs of people within the team.

This is designed to introduce empathy and specifically the idea that every person is individual, with hidden depths. …

This is a practical guide to using precedence in a workshop environment.


In 2018 I worked with one of the big five energy companies restructuring their internal database systems. In 2016 I worked with the Scottish Ambulance Service defining the criteria by which they’d assess and purchase new equipment. In 2015 I worked with a consortium of hospitality businesses in the north of Scotland to build a coherent tourism offering.

In all of these instances, building consensus from a diverse group of stakeholders was essential. But conversation and groupthink wouldn’t deliver us anything new or concrete.

In the case of the energy company, it was essential that we had a strict hierarchy to produce a development roadmap. For the ambulance service, we needed a weighted scoring system which a third party could use to objectively assess hardware. For the hospitality business, we needed concrete evidence of an auditable decision-making process to apply for funding. …

As a designer I speak well, and I draw well. But I’ve always wanted to learn to write better copy. Here are the top tips and principles I was taught at a “writing for business” masterclass. By applying them to your copy you’ll quickly change your writing, and start to make your audience care.

Being able to communicate complex ideas in a simple, persuasive way is essential for my job. …


John Sunart

Facilitator and designer with intent, writing from Brighton, England. Previously a Flitcroft

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