Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Hmm let’s look at our stats:
- People are unhappy.
- Unhappy people are less motivated, less productive, more likely to ask for pay rises to compensate them for their bad quality of job, and more likely to do the company harm.
- People are leaving.
- Anyone who tries to do more for us are being told to stop doing more, making people unhappy and making them leave.”

“Say Bob, that all sounds bad. But that can’t be bad, because we’re still making profit, right?”

“Yes John, but our staff are all miserable because of the above. And it…

Booking Reference: K13WYT

Hi Ryanair. Please see my other two tweets I’ve sent you this evening for full context. A month ago I found out I wouldn’t be able to go on my flight (ref. above), so I tried to get in touch to let you know.

Attempted refund

First, I tried to cancel my flight and get a refund through the My Bookings section of my (very well used) account). I’ve always been a loyal Ryanair customer and I thought ‘Surely, SURELY I’ll be able to tell them I can’t make the flight. This must happen a lot, there’s bound to be a way…

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City Line at Ninian Park, Cardiff on 8th December, 08:12

I submitted a claim to you the first time you made me late for work by over an hour, at the very start of November. Don't get me wrong; you've made me late for most of this year. But when it was by over an hour I decided it was time to request a refund for your ‘service’.

I'm a simple man. I don't ask for much. I like my toast to have butter on. I like my car to have fuel in. And I like the train that's supposed to get me to work on time.... …

Where’s the ‘nobody’ in this? This is purely an advert to stop disrespecting WOMEN ONLY.

Where’s the ‘nobody’ in this? This is purely an advert to stop disrespecting WOMEN ONLY.

This campaign is disgusting because while it tries to portray a good message, it reinforces (and quite vehemently) the misconception that all men are dangerous and abusive. This is not the case. Most men I know are lovely, and would never hurt anyone (male or female).

There’s not a clear message or sign that you understand that this happens to BOTH GENDERS.

The advert is horrendously disrespectful to men. How…

And no, this isn’t about eating too much pizza.

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Image from Thomas Schweighofer

Sitting in a pub, cafe or restaurant in the UK, we all know the feeling of the waiter coming over to ask:

“Is everything OK with your meal?”

To which most of us obediently nod and say ‘Yes thanks’, even if our food isn’t satisfactory or if there’s something else we need. Occasionally we’ll ask for ketchup or mayonnaise, but why do we mostly just blindly agree? Why is the question itself flawed? Why do managers and higher-ups in the food industry insist on their staff using this exact phrase? …

When designing, you can never just look at the whole picture.

It’s vital to look at the whole picture and work out:

  • What problem you need to design a solution for
  • What you’re going to design that solves the problem
  • How you’re going to design it
  • How it’s going to look and feel when you’re done

But don’t forget the little details. NEVER forget the little details.

Sherlock gets it.

The little details are by far the most important. An interaction out of place can ruin someone’s entire opinion of your product. …

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What’s it like where you live?

“S***. My mum’s friend’s best friend is a guy called ‘Slasher’. He literally cuts people. I probably should have warned you before you drove down my road [laughs]”

What course are you doing at uni?

“English and Creative Writing. I’m pretty good at it.”

Oh, so you want to be a writer?

“No I really don’t give a **** about English. I just took it because I live in a low income household so I get paid to go to uni. More than the student loans I mean, I get extra money because my mum’s poor. I’m getting £9,000 this year and I’ll never have to pay it back anyway because it gets cancelled after…

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I read this fantastic article by Jon Westenberg the other day, and it really hit home. Lying on my sofa binge-watching Parks and Rec, with the flu and an overwhelming sense of feeling lost and directionless, I recalled the article.

And it made me realise. I’ve been drifting through life, taking each day as it comes with no direction towards a goal other than a vague sense of “One day, I want to do this”…


The problem is that my goals aren’t currently smart. They’re not:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-Constrained.

And that’s a problem. Without these parameters I’m likely…

Sometimes, just thinking isn’t enough.

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Bill Gates is funding a machine that turns faeces into drinking water. It also produces electricity. Human waste could power your entire life.

This machine would provide electric fuel for our electronic devices, and liquid fuel (well, water) for our bodies. And it’s very, VERY expensive.

But cost doesn’t matter, when you look at the bigger picture. The point is, Peter Janicki is pioneering humanitarian services across the globe to make the lives of millions safer, cleaner and actually liveable.

Just think how lucky you are to be reading this article. On a computer…

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Three types of hand dryer. From left to right: Slow and ineffective; fast and innovative; just plain old fashioned and wasteful.

Never assume your users will do what you think. Definitely don’t assume they’ll do what you want.

When visiting the mens toilets and washing your hands, you tend to want to get out of there as soon as possible. It’s smelly, sometimes unclean, and there’s often someone less than 2 metres from you doing a poo.

So you want to pick the hand dryer that’s going to allow you to exit the quickest. Most people are now accustomed to the quick ‘super-dry’ machine. Innovated originally by Dyson, these dry your hands in around 10 seconds, and are excellent. …

Jack Dyer I like finding out what people enjoy. Then designing enjoyable things for them.

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