It’s the little things

When designing, you can never just look at the whole picture.

It’s vital to look at the whole picture and work out:

  • What problem you need to design a solution for
  • What you’re going to design that solves the problem
  • How you’re going to design it
  • How it’s going to look and feel when you’re done

But don’t forget the little details. NEVER forget the little details.

Sherlock gets it.

The little details are by far the most important. An interaction out of place can ruin someone’s entire opinion of your product. Fail to create a cohesive product that makes all the little details just as important as the big ones, and you’ll quickly drive customers away.

And here’s the kicker

All the little details have to contribute to the user’s goals.

  • Why are they using your product?
  • Why are they using your product instead of a competitor who does the same job?

It’ll be because your competitor’s product gets the job done, but all the little details are disjointed and incomplete. They don’t tie together to create a sense of unity towards the user reaching their overarching goal.

As soon as you know what your users want you can make sure your product creates a tailored and specific way for them to get there. In all the little details of your product.

Don’t forget the little details. They’re by far the most important.

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