The Success Of The Senate Is Important To The Continued Success Of America
John McCain

This is well-said, even inspiring, and I agree with pretty much all of it.

That said — talk is cheap. The real test for you and your fellows is looming. I don’t actually mind this travesty of a bill proceeding to debate, but it seems unlikely that it’s going to get much better in the coming days: the amount of debate time allocated is a tiny fraction of what is needed for a bill with such awesome ramifications, with the potential to affect not just the health but the economy of the country for decades to come.

So the question is going to be: do you have the courage of your convictions? I have every respect for what you’ve said here. It’s time to have the debate on this hastily-crafted thing, then kill it and get back to proper order — to try again properly, with hearings, debate, and the slow, messy process of crafting a decent compromise that can get reasonably bipartisan support. But if you go the easy route, and vote along party lines, your words will be ash.

History is riding on your shoulders in the coming days. You, personally, have a lot of power to set this mess right. I hope you keep your nerve, and do so.

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