The Rise and Fall and Rise of .gifs at PopGif

If you’ve used PopGif this might sound familiar, but if you haven’t I’d love to tell you why I fell in love with it. Sliding open your collage of Pops is the most emotional experience your phone can give you. All the moments of happiness, drama, excitement you captured with friends and family surge back when you watch them all at once. So many feels for a simple flick of a finger.

With PopGif we want to bring the feeling of spontaneity from real life into receiving an animated image from a friend. Providing this magic was only achievable with gifs. Auto playing, seamlessly looping and deliciously filtered & edited gifs. Or so we thought.

PopGif Collage

Originally .gifs in PopGif provided two important things:

First opening up your collection of POP’s and seeing the collage of different experiences you’ve had provides an emotional connection to those experiences. It reminds you what you’ve done and how much you enjoyed it. And there is something magic about seeing those experiences animated and auto playing / looping.

Second .gifs are fun to share. In the past 2 years we’ve seen an explosion of .gif support from all sorts of messaging platforms. And PopGif makes copy gifs to your clipboard as easy as a single tap.

Moving forward we will be adding a more sophisticated technology stack which will free up the need for PopGif to save every video as a gif. Instead we will be compressing POPs using the H.264 codec, and crushing them into .gifs on demand. If you are interested in the technology you can read more about it here, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

We’re working like crazy to deliver awesome updates every month. Last month we added

8 professional video filters which to give your POPs that “Instagram” quality. 5 new video effects, like blur, vignette & distort which can now be added in addition to any of the filters. The ability add text and emojis to any POP you take. And finally the saved Pops collage, which is by far my favorite new feature.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out you can do so for free on the AppStore.

Thanks for reading,

- Johnny & James

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