How to start coding and learning with the Raspberry Pi 2

rasp pi 2

Want a job in computer science when you graduate? Want an all-new (and cheap!) way to bring hands-on learning into the classroom? Think you could build your own robot?

The best way to answer all these questions is to tinker. Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, or lifelong learner is almost irrelevant.

If you feel the need to improve your life, take up a new hobby, or simply want to learn something new, then the Raspberry Pi is for you.

Lucky for you, we’re able to offer a REALLY cheap way to get your hands on the physical hardware (a Raspberry Pi 2 that’s faster and easier to use than the previous version) but also in-depth courses that will show you how to get started, build your first Pi-powered product, and take your tinkering to the next level.

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Key Features of the Raspberry Pi 2

This is the Pi 2 we’re talking about. It’s faster and easier to use — with a lot more features — than the previous iteration. Below are some of the key features worth knowing about:

  • Game, compute & program 6x faster than w/ the previous version
  • Enjoy wider compatibility w/ the new ARMv7 quad core processor
  • Benefit from more memory: 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB (it has doubled!)
  • Run more apps simultaneously without lag
  • Use w/ all of the accessories made for the B+
  • Get backward compatibility w/ most Raspberry Pi Model B+ projects
  • Connect a Raspberry Pi camera & touchscreen display (each sold separately)
  • Stream & watch hi-definition 1080P video

Learn to Code, Create, And Develop Using Raspberry Pi


A quick word of warning: the Raspberry Pi is addicting. In a good way. You’ll likely succumb to the draw of wanting to create your own computer, 1080p video camera, touchscreen device, and more.

The Pi circuit board is pretty small but large enough to use — even for novices.

You can learn how to code thanks to the courses that come with this deal, by the way.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn coding basics while incorporating tangible results. In other words, you punch in some code and a physical machine on your desk will do what you tell it to.

That’s an incredible feeling, to be honest.

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This kind of stuff would cost $804 normally. Seriously. It’s worth that price but this deal is screaming and only lasts for 48 hours as of the publication of this post. So hop on it if you’ve ever been curious about coding, hardware, or tinkering with education technology.

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Want to make your own education technology?

Now you can.

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