The 16 characteristics of a modern teacher

Becoming a tech-savvy teacher is great. Running a flipped classroom is impressive. Doing a variety of hybrid and blended learning is incredible. Does this make you a modern teacher, though?

Honestly, there’s more to it than just hopping on the latest education technology / education trends bandwagon. I know many teachers who throw an iPad into a classroom like a grenade and run away. They don’t successfully implement education technology or really any type of engaged learning for that matter.

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So, then, what does it really take to be a modern teacher? This term has been cropping up since the general consensus seems to be that the term ‘21st century teacher’ is outdated and a bit awkward. Some make the same argument for the ‘modern teacher’ mind you but that’s about semantics.

You want to know what it takes to be a progressive and always-learning teacher who knows how to get students to think, contemplate, and explore. Well, here goes!

Modern Teachers Exhibit The Following 16 Characteristics:

Modern teachers:

  1. choose to be vulnerable.
  2. see themselves as co-learners, not teachers.
  3. allow themselves to fail, often.
  4. don’t wait until they’re experts to introduce something
  5. move into their students’ world, even if it’s foreign
  6. run towards their area of weakness, not away
  7. are comfortable not knowing what is going to happen
  8. invite mistakes into their lives
  9. dream big and ask ‘why not?’
  10. allow their students to teach each other
  11. step outside their comfort zone
  12. embrace change
  13. feel secure asking colleagues for help
  14. model resiliency and perseverance
  15. question everything
  16. believe they can learn anything, given the right attitude and effort

These characteristics of a modern teacher are incorporated into the visual you see below. It’s from Reid Wilson.

Click here to download the printable PDF version of this fabulous visual

modern teacher